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1. How many classes per grade?   We have one class per grade. 

2. How many students per grade?  We average 24 students per grade.

3. What grades do you offer?  We are a preschool - 8th grade campus.

4. Do you have a sports program?  Yes, we have 5th - 8th grade sports. For boys we offer flag football, basketball and track and field. For girls we offer volleyball, basketball and track and field.

5. What does it cost to play sports? Yes, our sport fee is $45 per sport played.

6. What is P.T.L.?  P.T.L. (Parent Teacher League) is here to help build a strong community that supports and cultivates a sense of "family". They say "it takes a village," and it does! We strive to build strong relationships through fun school-wide events that include all families. Secondly, we focus on maintaining strong financial support and practical help for our awesome school and teachers here at Christ Lutheran! 

7. Do we have to participate in school fundraising?  No, we do not require parents to participate in any of our "optional" fundraising opportunities.

8. Where do most kids go to high school after they graduate 8th grade?  Many of the graduates go to their home high school. Some of our students attend private high schools such as Orange Lutheran.

9.  Do the students wear uniforms? Yes, we are a uniform school.

10. Is your school accredited? Yes, we are accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

11. Do classes go on field trips? Yes, all of our grades go on field trips throughout the year!

12. Can parents chaperone field trips? Yes.

13. Does 8th grade go to D.C.? Yes, our 8th graders take an East Coast trip in the spring. They go to D.C., New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

14. Do you have a hot lunch program? Yes, we use Cater Tots. Families order and pay online.

15. Do teachers use parent volunteers? Yes, we love parents being involved and helping in the classrooms.


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